Premier Pigeon Stud started in 2002, since those very beginnings our passion and determination to create a world class stud has kept us driving forward.

What may appear to be a business, is in fact a dedicated team of individuals that work so close together they are more like a family, where the birds are their children.

The main enthusiast behind the Premier family is Graham Sparkes, who's dedication and professionalism leaves nothing to chance. He has been joined by Racing Director Brian Bolton and then by Marketing and Sales Director Derek Nicholls both internationally renowned in the pigeon sport.

The Premier family is always on the look out for the very best pigeon stock to join their world class stud, as well as new fanciers to buy their offspring and create more winners and more members of our family who would like to take advantage of the unique personal service we offer our customers, or should I say family members.

Come Fly With Us!

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