Marina Van Der Velde

When the name Marina Van De Velde is mentioned the next thing that’s talked about is the superbird Samson, winner of 1st National Argenton 23,419 birds.  Better than that is the fact that Samson had the fastest velocity from the entire convoy of 33,097 birds – so a real winner.

Despite many tempting offers for Samson, both Paul and Marina resisted and, along with twenty five of his children, Samson is housed in the Van De Velde breeding loft, as this bird is not just a pigeon that won a National.  No, this power-horse of a pigeon has gone on to prove invaluable as a breeder, not only his children but also his grandchildren and great grandchildren are winning top honours.  For instance ‘De Hercule’ winner of 6 _ 1st plus 1st and 2nd fastest of all Antwerp, ‘De Sterke’ 6th Provincial Orleans 14,373 birds, 9th Provincial Limoges 3322 birds, 11th Provincial Argenton, 1st Provincial Argenton, both being from Samson when coupled to a daughter of Dirk van Dykes ‘Kannibal’.  Robert Callaghan of Ireland won 1st – 4000 birds – with a grandson of Samson, Klaus Ingerhart of Germany 1st  - 2782 birds, Heremans Custers of Belguim won 1st – 2702 birds.  The sire of Samson is the ‘Leo’, a gift bird from his friend Leo Hermans of the combination ‘Hermans Custers’, the dam of Samson is ‘Bobientje, winner of 26th Provincial Orleans – 13,237 birds.  The Leo is from ‘Goed Witpen’ winner of 18_1st prizes when coupled to a hen that won the title of  2nd National Ace Pigeon in 2000.

Just because we mention Samson, this is this by no means a one pigeon loft.  Other stars such as Toursman – 1st Provincial Tours, 4th Provincial Limoges and 1st Ace Pigeon Fond Club Antwerp 2003, the winner of 34 prizes including 1st Provincial Argenton, the ‘Oude Kool’ 1st Ace Yearling Pigeon Kempische Fond Club, 2nd Provincial Limoges and scoring 18th National – 23,550 birds.

Marina & Paul are not the kind of people that rest on their laurels and this year at the entire clearance sale of Hermans Custers they purchased the pigeon called ‘Jan’, winner of six first prizes, 1st National Ace Sprint Pigeon Young Birds, 2nd National Ace Sprint Pigeon 2003 and 2nd National Ace Sprint Pigeon 2004.  For those not aware of the combination Hermans-Custers, at their entire clearance their super colony was in excess of 300,000 sterling.

All the birds are coupled on 28th December, we breed about 150 youngsters ourselves.  This may sound quite a lot, however we have pylons behind our loft, well we can easily lose 30 youngsters to these, and believe me when I say they have no prejudice to which they choose, many an evening is spent sewing a youngster up having tangled with them.  When all the birds are on eggs we will then treat for trichomoniasis, as soon as the youngsters are fourteen days old we take the cocks away to the young bird loft and leave the hens to finish rearing the youngsters. 

When the youngsters have been moved we take up the floor grills and give the loft a good clean.  A month before the first race we put the cocks back into their relevant selections; again we have them checked with the veterinary to ensure that their health is good.  Our first race is in the middle of April.  For three weeks they are fed with ‘Casaet Depurative’ from Vanrobeays.  They are fed and exercised around the loft twice a day.  When we see that their fitness is at the right level then we will train them with the car.  We prefer to do this on our own, the first reason is that we want our birds to fly on their own and the second is that we know that the health of our birds is as good as we can get.


Resultaten 2000 – 2005

1e National Argenton
1e interprovinciaal Chateauroux
1e Kampioen Fondclub Anterwerpen
1e Supertstar Fond Gouden Duif
5 x 1e Provinciaal
4 x 1e Asduif Fondclub Anterwerpen
3 x 1e Kampioen Kempische Fondclub
5 x 1e Asduif Kempische Fondclub
4x 1e Kampioen Halve Fond ‘Rappe Duif Viersel’
4 x 2de Provinciaal
3 x 2de Kampioen Kempische Fondclub
3 x 3de Kampioen Fondclub Antwerpen
3 x 2de Asduif Kempische Fondclub
2 x 3de Kampioen Kempische Fondclub
Winnaar Upland Derby Duitsland
In 2005 13 x een eerste prijs behaald

Resultaten 2006

1e Kampioen Kempische Fondclub onde duiven 2006
3e Kampioen Kempische Fondclub jaarse duiven
1e plaats Frankische Jungtauben – Rennen Duitsland
2e Europese asduif Cina Nanjing One Loft Race
19e National Limoges

Resultaten 6115023/02 (Samson X Dochter Kannibaal)

1e Provinciaal Chateauroux (317 duiven)
6de Provinciaal Orleans (14373 duiven)
9de Provinciaal Limoges (3322 duiven)
11e Provinciaal Argenton (2071 duiven)

Resultaten 6148811/06 (Samson X 6074007/04)

2de Europese asduif Nanjing One Loft Race China
4de Belgische duif Nanjing One Loft Race China

Resultaten 6191874/04 (Samson X Dochter Kannibaal)

6 X 1e prijs op de Halve Fond in 2005
1 X de snelste van de hele provincie
1 X de 2e snelste van de hele provincie
3e asduif Ave Regina 2005

Resultaten 6191823/03 (Samson X Dochter Kannibaal)

30e Nationaal Vichy 2004
12/12 prijs gevlogen

Resultaten 6049722/05 (Samson X Patrick en Guido Claes)

14de national Aregenton (22,000 duiven)

Resultaten 6049767/05 (Samson X Patrick en Guido Claes)

12de Provinciaal Salbris (2250 duiven)
66e Nationaal Argenton (22000 duiven)

Resultaten 382/06 (Kleinzoon Samson) bij Klaus Ingelhart (Duitsland)

1 x 1ste prijsvan 2782 duiven
1 x 18de prijs van 3302 duiven

Kleinzoon Samson bij Robert Callaghan (Ierland)

1 X 1ste prijs van 4000 duiven

Resultaten 6148811/06 (Kleinzoon Samson)

1ste prijs Frankische Jungtauben-Rennen eindvlucht (Duitslands)

Zoon Van Zuster Van Samson (bij Heremans-Ceusters)

1 x 1ste prijs van 2707 diuven

Kleindochter Samson (Van de Wouwer en zoon Nijlen) 6353565/04)

3de Prijs van 746 duiven
3de van 1004 duiven

Kleindochter Samson (Van de Wouwer en zoon Nijlen) 6244374/06)

Vloog 5 op 5
94ste van 644 duiven
133ste van 2826 duiven
30ste van 344 duiven
3de van 351 duiven
5de van 292 duiven
16de Provinciaal Argenton van 2088 duiven
40ste Nationaal Argenton 14540 duiven